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Orient Watch Co. Ltd. was founded in 1950. For the last 60 years Orient watches have built a reputation for quality, price and accuracy. Today Orient is one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical watches in the world. Orient watches are sold in over 70 countries and have great brand recognition as quality, accurate and beautiful timepieces. The Japanese are known for their obsession with quality and when you purchase a Orient watch it will show. You will see that special attention has been provided to all details. And for Orient Automatic Mechanical Watches the in-house movement is highly accurate. Sticking to their philosophy of making affordable watches for the masses, Orient watches are extremely competitively priced. For this kind of quality, accuracy and reliability they can actually sell for much more! So if you one of those people who does not buy into the marketing blitz and rather appreciates quality and fair-pricing - then an Orient watch is just for you.

So get an Orient watch today. You will not regret it.
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